Monday July 1, met Dr Kenneth Ott, NS

really nice guy, funny and easy going. i was asked to bring my scans from the mri in, and he showed me the nerve and artery that is hitting it, very interesting. went over options, my hmo does not cover the gamma knife, i thought that was weird, but i want the MVD anyway so no big. it will take till sometime next week to get the ok from the insurance, then maybe another week to have surgery. he said i would be back at work in ten days! lol i asked ' you sure? i heard you cant bend over or lift weight for a while', he nodded and said yea week to ten days! lol so lets see

hello i had my surgery 2 weeks ago i wanted to go back to work after 2 weeks but i regret even thinking i would be ready...the time off to recovery is very important...hope all goes well

thanks , yea that sounded a little quick to me also, but it would be awesome! lol

well the date is now set at july 30th...just waiting for a call to do the told it will be 4 days in the hospital, and that works out well for us, as it wont upset my wife's routine too much

well had surgery on Tuesday took about 4 hours. the recovery was very rough, they kept giving me dilaudin or how ever it is spelled. I did not have much pain, except the while catheter thing, took about 4 pain cycles for it to start feeling normal. I barfed and that was horrible, my diaphragm was not ready I guess. my sister said get off the drugs asap, I switched to micro pill. that was the turning point. I ate a sandwich, yougart Apple aside…then slept like a baby. woke with zero pain. took a walk with the nurse… drank some coffee… feel great, no TN pain either by the way:-)

not micro pill but norco pain pills

That’s awesome Mace! So pleased for you…now time to rest,rest,rest and let the healing begin.
Recovery time varies, but let your body be your guide. Try not to overdo it when you feel energetic, it can come back to haunt you…all the best of wishes as you recover!
Take care of you and let us know how you’re doing!
(( hugs )) Mimi

well i got out early!!! i am stoked! im going to just kick back with my cats and dogs for ten days ;-]

also im typing on the pc not my phone...not that it will much better spelling wise, but at least autocorrect is not on here. word to the wise, try to have a bowel movement BEFORE you go in lol im still a little bound up;-[

thanks to all of you...your stories and observations really prepared me for all this

Mace, glad you’re in the comfort of your own home with your fur kids!
Someone had mentioned the bowel issue to me ahead of time I made sure to have some stool softener on hand in case…straining is to be avoided!!
Take care, Mimi

well yesterday i had to go back in, horrible headache and could not eat or drink. spent time in the er, and got an iv and some meds for headache and nausea. my sister thinks it might be withdrawls from lyrica, but dr said he did not think i guess i will have this headache for a while