Medication Change/Dental adjustment

Well, the last few months have been a challenge. The Tegretol ER was making me so sick. I kept giving it a shot but between being sick and still feeling pain I couldn't take it any longer. Yesterday, I switched to Trileptal 300 mg twice daily. I have now taken my 3rd dose. So far, so good, no dizziness and spinning rooms. The pain level is the same (nagging pain that gets really bad if I touch it). My dentist adjusted my crowns the other day. She said that they were too high and may have been contributing to irritation of the nerve. I hope that helps with my being able to chew on that side. Had a wonderful trip to Disney World in June but sprained my MCL in my left knee. It has been challenging dealing with the facial pain and now the knee pain too. And life goes on.

Totally disappointed. I started to get a headache with the Trileptal that got worse with each dose. In addition I had severe insomnia and hot flashes. By Saturday, the headache was so bad my vision was blurry and I was really nauseated. I stopped taking it and by Sunday, the headache has improved greatly. I emailed my neuro this morning and he agreed that stopping the Trileptal was a good decision. However, now I don’t know what is next. I’ve been through neurontin, tegretol, and trileptal. Waiting to hear where I’m headed next. :frowning: