MDV surgery

My mom recently had the micro vascular decompression surgery, on May 6, 2015, it’s been a month an the Horrible TN pain has not come back but this recovery is very slow. She has extreme pressure on her right side of her face as well as numbness, she also is having problems with walking and balance, all which are suppose to eventually go away, but doctors say it will take a while. Has anyone that has had this surgery had the same issues? Would like to hear that someone may have experienced the same problems after the surgery, we hope she gets back to her normal self and that terrible TN pain never comes back

I had the mvd surgery just last week, so my comments are over just a few days. I also have walking and balance issues. I had a motion sickness tab on me when I left the hospital to help and the doctor told me it would be at least 3 weeks of head pain and 6 weeks of doing nothing except walking to make sure the fix stays in place. I hope the motion issues are subsiding over time. I am enjoying this issue much more than TN.

Hi Angie, I had MVD surgery about 3 years ago and can remember the poor balance and instability very well. I slowly worked up from walking around the house, around the block, to much longer walks. Careful with kerbs and stairs. I was back at work full time after about 10 weeks. The only other problem I remember post surgery was bad headaches or numbness at the surgery site. That eventually went as well. Good luck to your Mom, hope she has relief from th TN pain.