Micro vascular decompression surgery

Hi, I just had mvd surgery 13 days ago.
I am looking to hear if anyone who has had the surgery experienced dizziness and double vision. I still am constantly feeling this way. The top of my skull is numb also. I go back to the dr. Today. I hoping they have good news for me, like this will all subside in time. My concern is my vision. If anyone has feedback on this, I would love to hear your experience.

I was very dizzy and had blurred vision after my MVD. I was very weak and could barely walk for several weeks. I think this is normal, but I found that I felt much better after I took charge of my nutrition. I started following an anti-inflammatory eating plan and felt much better quickly.

Thank you. I will try that, it’s been 3 weeks today since my surgery, my vision and dizziness feeling has gotten better considerably. With each day I feel a little better
May I ask you if part of your skull was numb? The dr says it should take
3 to 6 months to go away. Also, was your surgery a success? Are you pain free? On medication still? How long ago did you have the surgery? My dr cut my medication in half,
Once or twice I’ve felt that tigger twinge of pain not a horrible pain but I read that might be normal in the healing process? Just would appreciate someone’s input who had this surgery

Hi Lisa,

My MVD was 4 months ago. It was 6 weeks before the surgery effects subsided and it happened gradually so I never noticed the improvements until one day I realized I was okay.

I had headaches, dizziness, hearing issues and numbness on and around my ear. I still have some numbness on my ear but it is improving too. Everything else is fine. I did have some small twinges in a tooth but that is gone too. I started tapering off the meds 2 weeks after surgery. It was a very slow taper schedule that the surgeon gave me and he also said to take it as slow as I wanted so I doubled the days between each taper. I have a divot in my skull under the incision but no pain. So far my MVD has been a success. I am taking B vitamins now.
I hope you feel better soon but remember to get lots of rest.

Hi Lisa,

Happy to read your vision and dizziness issues are getting better. :slight_smile:

I’m doing much better this week ( it’s week 4 post op for me).

Week 3 the TN shocks were constant, but now I know it was related to weaning off my meds too quickly. I was on 3 meds, high doses, am off both the Baclofen and Dilantin and was down to 800 mg Tegretol when my pain surfaced. I added 2 more pills to 1200mg Tegretol ( i was at 1600mg) and my pain issue is resolved. ( I have Bilateral TN, and mvd was left side, my right was managed at 800mg)

I think my nerve needs time to heal before I reduce anymore. I also feel more energy this week. Yesterday I felt like my old self pre TN. It was such a gift. My brain feels clearer too from reducing the meds.

I’m hopeful! It can take 6 months to a year to feel completely healed from surgery like this.

Hope you feel better and better each day!

(( hugs )) Mimi