Double vision after MVD

Hello. My MDV was 6 weeks ago and I think most of my pain is gone. I think the swelling is the cause of what pain I have left, at least I hope so. I started work again last week but have a serious double vision problem. Any comments on how long this can last? Other than that the left side of my face and tongue is still numb and I imagine that will come right. I will really appreciate comments on how long others had double vision.

Congrats Jackie! Today’s my 9 week anniversary and I feel better than I have in the past 10 years. I did not get double vision after surgery. Sorry that I can’t help with that. I did have numbness on the left side of my lips and tongue and that took about 6-7 weeks to go away. If I over exert myself it comes back. I see it as my signal to take it easy for a bit. My left upper earlobe and a big section of my scalp near the surgical site is still numb. NS says it’s not uncommon and that it might or might not come back. I hear it can take months for sensation to return.

If no one else comments about the double vision I’d give your surgeon’s office a quick call and ask for their thoughts. I don’t know if it’s your meds, a side effect or something else.

thank you for that! happy 9 week anniversary! hope it keeps on getting better. i will give them a call today. i was weaned off all meds within 2 weeks after sugery which was maybe a bit fast, but its over and done now which is great.

thanks for the tips! all the best going forward.

Thanks! Same to you!

It’s funny how every dr does things differently when it comes to meds. My NS just had me start lowering my 800 mg daily dose by 200 mg per week. I’m at 600 mg right now since I was told to start only last week! I’m just happy that I’ll be Tegretol free soon. Yay!!

you will feel so awake and able to concentrate when that is over! good luck! it makes such a difference to me being off the meds.

Jackie, I agree--getting off meds makes such a difference in mental clarity. I can't comment on the double vision, but would agree that a call to the doctor is in order. I had my MVD done in Oct. and feel pretty much back to normal completely.

Good luck to you both.


Thank you Dixie, glad you have had a positive experience! hope it is permanent for you! i called the doc, he suggested i see an optometrist who can start measuring if there is any progress over the next few weeks. worse case is that the teflon felt is pressing on the optice nerve and will need to be moved............ i am not thinking about that yet so will go with option one first.

Yes, hopefully this is something the opthamalogist can figure out & NOT a teflon position issue.


thanks Dixie, i will have a very unhappy post if it goes that way....... stay tuned

I know that is not how you want it to go, but if it does, you will deal with it and always have the support from your friends here. Sometimes we sure cannot understand the hand we are dealt and it may not be what we want to have to face, but we just go on, because that is who we are. I wish you strength, My Friend...

thank you, i only joined on sunday but its been so supportive!! i really appreciate your message.

I remember when I first joined and thought, "My goodness, there are people out there who understand what I am going through."! It was on this site that I pretty much diagnosed my issue==type 1 TN. I got the diagnosis confirmed, got more education on this site and then sought the treatment that was right for me. I am sure there are lost souls out there who have never found this site and for that I am so sorry for them. There are so many great people here and I am glad you found us. I must go do some housework now--keep in touch.


happy houseworking! stay in touch as well and Yes! i will fully recommend the site to those i meet, its been fantastic!

have a good evening