Microvascular Decompression

My mom will be having this surgery on July 1, 2015. I wanted to know if anybody has any good advice about recovery after the surgery. Or information on how long recovery takes and what you can and can’t do while recovering. I was also wondering about how long the surgery takes to do?

Hi Shana, I had MVD August 2012. Had a great surgeon, surgery was about 3 hours I think, only in hospital 3 nights, and back at work full time after about 6 weeks. Quite a bit of pain as expected after surgery, had a bit of trouble with balance and general weakness for a couple of weeks, just had to take it easy. The surgery actually stirred up the nerve a bit so couldn’t come off the tegretol altogether for about 2 months, but was on MUCH lower dosage. 2 years pain free, no meds, great.
TN has returned, had hoped to get more than 2 years! Just bad luck. Not as bad as before MVD, and managing on low dose tegretol. How old is your Mom? I was 48 at time of surgery. Pretty average age for women to develop TN. Hope your Mom’s surgery is successful.

Thank you! My mom is 39, she’s had TN since she was 26.

I just had MVD on May 26th , 2015 after suffering with TN for 10+ years. Dr. John Lee at Penn Medicine did the surgery. Recovery was a little tougher than I expected but I am now pain free and drug free!! I'm in seventh heaven and hope to stay there a long time. Stick with it, slow and steady.

Hi Shana, Hope your Mom is doing well.

I had this surgery April 1st, 2014 (April Fools Day!), and have had NO pain since. I had an excellent surgeon, Dr deLotbiniere, who performed the surgery in Northern Westchester Hospital, NY. He fully prepared me for the surgery, and the possible outcomes. I was out of work for 2 weeks, then back to normal. Prayers for your Mom.

MVD 2007, first days a bit rough like any invasive surgery- after that I healed rather quickly. Pain has come back over the years, but is not as frequent or severe. Also had GN on rt side 2009, outpatient quick healing. Very scary due to my panic attacks and uncaring Dr.( the bully). Again it worked for awile, but pain is less and more manageable. I am 67.

I do recomend finding a really good Dr., result seem to outway the temperary pain. TN is a very long road, less meds the better. I still have very bad bouts- but not nearly as frequent. Make sure to find a Dr that does this surgery a dozen times a week---no one who has tried it a few times. You deserve the best- like a Hallmark card. Prayes to you both.===We were with lunch with 15 family members- I said I am Peter Pan and feel 12 yrs old. How did I ever reach 67? My husband looked at me and said -total deadpan " You didn't die," He is right -every day is a good day and we can beat or at least control this monster. All the best to you. keep in touch - It doesn't have to be a question. We could use some sucess stories here also. Or just check in and let us know how you are getting along. People here really do care about you. You are not alone in this..