Lyricas working! Pain has stopped! 75mg- twice a day

LYRICA or praying to Jesus has stopped my pain. I'm in remission. Maybe LYRICA will work for others. I hope so. I feel happy but also guilty because others are still suffering. Please ask your DR. to try different Meds.

Hi Crystal. I was taking 75mg in the morning and 75 mg in the evening.

That's great news. Do you mind sharing how much Lyrica you take per day?

hi ya t i was on gabapentine and was changed over to lyrica i have 150 mg a day when on the other meds i was in very bad pain were i just couldent take it any longer now that iam on lyrccia it has stoped the pain i mite have it one or twice a week and with no side affects from the meds either xx

Thanks Jackie. Crystal, I was taking 75mg in the morning and 75 mg in the evening. I see that Lyrica also helped Lorraine. Sorry, I take awhile to respond.

I'm still learning about TN, been in an attack of ATN for 2 weeks. Doc has me on carbazepines and Cymbalta. While intensity is better, I still hurt. How long did it take for Lyrica to help you? Thank you!

My specialist says that the true therapeutic dose of Lyrica is 100mg 3 x day. Sounds like a lot, but if the lower doses don't work for some people, keep that in mind. I won't make a full decision on Lyrica until I reach that dose. Then, if it's not helping, maybe I'll try something else.

hi ya T i take 75 mg 3 times a day but i do get a bit of pain some times nothing like when i was on gabapentine iam so very glad the doctor swaped my meds because i was just at having pain all the time now my life is sort of coming back i can auctully have normel life now and i feel very lucky xx