"Ok everyone I need help. My mother is a senior and for 20 years she was on carbamazepine 200mg 4 times a days

“And she was seen by geretica doctors and thy cut her down to 200mg once a day since she had no pain in 20 Years. So now the pain is back.

"I Begged her doctor to give her back the 200mg 4 times a day and he just wouldn’t hear of it so he gave her lyrica 25 mg. once a day.

Has anyone with his hateful pain been on lyrica ? Her doctor just doesn’t get it. She is a senior and she doesn’t need this"

Hi there,

I was given Lyrica Pregabalin, starting at 25 mg once a day, the first time my pain started. I took the pills for about a month and a half and then the pain went away. I stopped taking them two weeks after the pain went away. I didn't need to increase the dose. It may sound like not very much but it's important to start with a little at a time, otherwise you just feel completely stoned.

The pain came back again this fall and I started it again. This time I had to increase the dose for it to be effective, and I had some side effects. When I started reducing the dose after the pain stopped I became severely depressed for a few days. This might be just me though. I was taking about 250mg a day. I'm not taking it now and I feel much better.

It's important to increase or decrease the dose slowly and with a doctor's recommendation. Talk to a pharmacist, they can help as well.

Thanks so much for your reply. So you didn’t keep on them ? And my mom is still having shocks but not as bad as 2 days ago. Think she needs time? Hate to see my mother who has Alzheimer’s and 80 go thought this kind of pain

awwwww.... ask for lidocaine cream prescription today! it helps many along with meds!

insist on it and fight for her! let us know how she is doing.

Hi, I’m on Lyrica and find it the best medication for me, I am unable to tolerate carbamazepine at all. I still suffer from side effects from Lyrica but not as great as other meds. It does help a great deal with the pain although I, still like many other people, suffer from some pain!
I do hope that your Mum finds relief from this horrible pain, it must be a great worry for you. Is your mum Alzheimer’s overseen by a Psychiatrist as if so, it may be worth talking to him/her about the medication as they may have a different opinion to her GP as to which is the right way forward for her!
Take care and I hope the situation improves quickly for both you and your mum


I am currently taking Lyrica 25 mg at 9 AM and 3 PM, then I take 200 mg of Carbamazepine Extended Release at 9 PM. The extended release stays in my system for about 12 hours and makes me very tired so it works better at night for me. When the doc switched me over to Lyrica, she told me it would take a few weeks to get the pain relief I wanted. Also I know for myself an increase or decrease in Lyrica makes me very nausea so I think the low dose is a good thing to start with. My highest was 75 mg twice a day. I hope your mum gets some relief soon. Yes work with your pharmacist, she was the one to recommend changing the timing of taking the pills and it made a huge different for me. Good luck.

Well today the doctor up the dosage to 100 mg a day. 50 in the morning and 50 in the evening. She had a great day today thank god. She must have told me 30 times how happy she was the pain was gone however she does have Alzheimer’s … I am sooooo happy so let’s hope we have another great day

I take Lyrica regularly and find it works. The dosage I find works for me is 150 twice a day. I also take Percocet and indomethacin which is doing the trick so far, never completely takes the pain away but I havnt found anything that works better yet. No side effects except some drowsiness but I found that got better over time and now it’s easy to function on them!

Well she had a horrible day today. So the 100mg are not working. I will be sending the night with her and it kills me to see her in so much pain. I’m giving her another 50mg when I go down as I just don’t know what else to do :frowning: is this drug a pain killer or something that’s just slow release ? Therefore will the 50 more I give her tonight will it help tonight?