Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) + Cold Laser Therapy

I have suffered for two decades with pain in the right hand side of my face. It feels as if it is coming from my jaw, jaw muscle, or molar area. I have found a 90% solution in Red Light Therapy (also called Cold Laser) . I use a device called TendLite. It is a device that has a powerful (NASA developed) red light (LED) powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The LED operates at the 660nm red light frequency putting out about 3000 milliwatts of energy. It is a simple metal cylinder with 1 button that toggles the light on and off. Its automatic timer stays on for only 1 minute and it is used at a half-inch distance from the skin in the painful area. You apply it for 1, 2 or 3 minutes for 1, 2 or 3 times a day depending on the level of pain, every day if necessary

In my case I had some relief in the TMJ area after the first minute, but I do 2 doses 3 times per day. The device costs $150 to $180, including 2 rechargeable batteries and special safety goggles, from the maker or from Amazon. It is FDA approved. No sensation of heat, but I use goggles that are darker than theirs since it is so bright. Here is the maker’s URL: https://www.tendlite.com

I hope it helps you as much as it helps me.


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I read an artiicle about a very small laser therapy study that worked, but it involved having the laser probes inserted up your nostrils. I have not been able to find an ENT or other doctor who does that in my area (Phoenix).

I’ve already spent thousands upon thousands on trying to find pain relief. I guess it’s worth another $150 to try this. Thank you for posting!

Veerod, I’m wondering if your pain is Trigeminal Neuralgia? And have you had a neurosurgeon consider Gamma Knife or Cyber Knife. Also, many get relief from MVD surgery (micro vascular decompression). My neurosurgeon didn’t go with the MVD because it involves surgery near the brain and he instead recommended the Gamma Knife; that was in 2000. No surgery, non invasive treatment. He did it for my Trigeminal Neuralgia, and I was pain free for 9 years. The pain came back. By that time (2010) the Cyber Knife was new and available. So he treated me again but this time with the Cyber Knife. No surgery. Non-invasive. It took time for it to work but it did. I still take 2 Lyrica pills a day but its been 12 years now and no more of that uncontrollable lightning like strikes of pain. The 2 Lyricas control what little bit I get now. Think about asking about either of those two if you haven’t already. It doesn’t work for everybody; that I was told. But it did for me. And, no cutting, surgery, no heated needles…nothing. Just lie there and it was over in about 45 minutes.

Hi Jimmy,
Thanks for responding. I have atypical trigeminal neuropathy. No compressed nerve shown on MRI, so surgery is not an option. I have thought about the cyber knife but that probably wouldn’t work for me either. Again, no compressed nerve.

Glad your pain is controllable!

Ask your dr or neurologist about Lyrica. Or Tegritol. I had to ask my neurologist about Lyrica before he even mentioned it. He ok’d it. It is in generic form now. I still have occasional twinges from the TN, and tingling neuropathy all the time – but that is mostly controlled, within toleration, by the Lyrica. Since they tell you surgery is not an option, meds do provide relief for many of us…and go on with life.

Are you finding it of continued usefulness?

Veerod, I had a Gamma Knife done in 2000. It worked. 10 yrs later TN came back. They then gave me the Cyberknife. It took time but it worked too. The surgeon told me there was no sign of compression on the Trigeminal nerve. But both treatments worked. The Cyberknife treatment left me with some numbness but that has minimized over time, but still there. Still, thats a whole lot better than the lightning bolt strikes of TN – no comparison. Main point is, MRI did not show any compression but the surgeon treated me with GK and CK anyway and it worked.