Low Level Laser Question

Hello. I’m Dan and new to these forums. I was recently diagnosed with TN and the medical office I went to is having me do Low Level Laser treatments. I have a question for anybody (please), that has tried this treatment. Where are they supposed to be shining/applying the laser? In the trigeminal nerve area of the face (place where it hurts)? Or around the base of the head where the brain stem is and the nerve exits the spinal cord, then returns back into the skull (probable place where the nerve is being pinched or irritated)?

Hello Dan, as I read about your laser treatments and you mentioned brain stem,I know it is something I would like to know more about. My problem is with a tumor on my brain stem. I would like to hear just how your treatment is progressing. I am hoping it is helping your pain. Just how is your Trigeminal nerve being affected? I hope the laser is helping. Good luck.

Low Level Laser is known by another name “cold Laser” It is pseudo-quackery at best. Pseudo-quackery is a clear and present danger, particularly to chronic pain patients. Even skeptical patients routinely spend thousands of dollars on false hopes in the gray zone, often spending years in the “therapy grinder,” hammering away expensively at a condition that there was never really much hope of treating in the first place.

Chronic pain patients often feel desperate, and it’s not wrong to cautiously try an experimental treatment method. But very few methods are anywhere near as promising as their marketing makes them seem.

The first stage of coping is desperation. Been there. I played detective and called a hotel where a laser center put up their customers.
A desk clerk asked one of the residents if he wanted to talk to me. He did. No results but the “doctor” was hopeful that a second round
of treatment would give him the cure. He had left his job, and forked over ten’s of thousands of dollars. That night I was awakened by
the “nurse” to this “doctor.” She pleaded with me to not talk with their “patients” since “hope” was part of the treatment. That was after
a round about nervous series of questions meant to determine if I was an FDA agent. Enuf said.

Hi Dan. If I may just share my experience with low level laser treatment. I had TN symptoms in Sept. 2015, the jaw pain more than anything, nothing else really, no sensitivity ( except to cold water when drinking), but I could put makeup on, brush my teeth etc. I was never formally diagnosed with TN, but the electrifying, excruciating jaw pain on the right side seemed certainly indicative of TN.
I actually went to a chiropractor who said that I may have TN but could not diagnose it. My treatment mostly consisted of cervical adjustments and adjustments so that the base of my skull was not impinging on any possible nerves. She then recommended low level laser treatment and applied it to my jawline, along my upper trapezius and base of my skull. I didn’t pay thousands of dollars and I’ve been pain free for
2 years now. Now my case may be the exception but I’m glad that she gave me low level laser treatment. I’m not saying that low level laser treatment is the cure all for the pain, but in my particular case, it certainly helped.

There is evidence (although not very strong) supporting LLLT in treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4091693/

You can read about the scientific explanation for how it works on the molecular level.
I personally have had this done by a chiropractor and he used the laser along the areas that were painful on my face. I did notice a difference after several treatments, which was maintained, and it was fairly inexpensive compared to all the other treatments I’ve blown through. ($30 a visit I believe and I went probably 8 times).

I wasn’t aware they had a dental school in Iran, let alone one that developed tools for chiropractors in the US.

My wife tried that lazer thing but no relief so we gave up. Good luck if you have TN because you are going to need it.

Thank you so much for replying lbmcdee. That was precisely the information I was looking for. Like you, I wasn’t officially diagnosed with TN, but a chiropractor thinks I have it. I also don’t have the normal triggers or sensitivities, yet have the brief (thank God), sharp pains in my upper cheek. The laser treatments were applied to my cheek only, not to the base of my skull or cervical region. They seemed to help some, but I think I would have better results if the laser was applied to those areas. I have since visited another chiropractor who specializes in the upper cervical. I have felt improvements, but still have issues from time to time. Since I have only had 2 visits, more time is needed for the full effect to be realized and weighed out as a success or not. Thanks again, and that is great you found your relief. :slight_smile: I’m hopeful I will too. --Dan

Hi Dan.
My TN symptoms were because of dental work. I had a total of 4 laser treatments and concurrently, 6 cervical adjustment treatments. I was pain free after that. I believe the two treatments together really helped me. I’ve been taking B12 and Turmeric for the past two years and decided to significantly decrease my caffeine intake. I think caffeine is a stimulant so I don’t want to risk stimulating that nerve! Now I only drink decaf coffee on weekends to get my fix. What I’ve been doing seems to work for me. I wish you pain free days soon. Keep the faith and hope.

Hello gloria37,
I did get a little relief, but I think the laser wasn’t done properly. It’s generally believed that the damage done to the trigeminal nerve (from an artery, for example), occurs in the upper cervical/brainstem area. Though I am by no means an expert, it makes sense that any attempt to facilitate healing to the nerve should includethis area. My treatment, as mentioned before, was only done to the section of the nerve that is feeling pain–my tmj/temple and upper cheek areas. On top of that, it was only executed for 4 minutes per treatment. I don’t know if that is the common duration, or if it needed to be longer. I may look into another facility to have the treatment done again. I am sorry to hear about your problem and I wish you all the best in your journey to wellness.

Thanks again lbmcdee. More great info from you! Mine flared up after some dental work also. I too started taking b12 recently. One more question, please… Do you take B12 and turmeric daily, weekly, and how much? There seems to be conflicting info on the web as to how much B12 is safe. Just like you, I have been cutting down my caffeine, and will do so even more. I am currently almost where I want to be with pain management. Your positive message helps give us hope. :slight_smile:

Hi Dan. My B12 intake seems to vary, but I’ve been taking 2000 mg I think? I think what I have now is 2500. Be sure to take the methylcobalamin B12 not the other kind. I only take one tablet a day, some people take far more! I’m comfortable with what I’m taking now. From my understanding from what I’ve read, there is really no ramifications on high intake of B12 but I just take up to 2000 mg a day. The turmeric I take just varies as well. I think up to 200 mgs. Everything is just my preference. I take both everyday. Cutting out my caffeine has really helped too. Decaf coffee really isn’t so bad. :grimacing: I really hope you will be pain free soon. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Yes, I am taking the methylcobalamin version of B12. There probably isn’t any reason to worry about dosage then. As for caffeine, I think I can get used to caffeine-free coffee, evntually. :pThanks again for your help and kind words. I wish you continued wellness. I’m almost there…