Lady uses object lesson to describe our pain

This lady was really insightful to use these objects to get across to people

what our pain is like. It is a good video to share with people who care

about us. She did a twist on the ALS ice water dump campaign, and did it

for TN, and she said she did it for we who could not do it. The ice water

dump sounds like pure torture to me. Please watch and share this link with


Best wishes

Sheila W

Thank you for that video. She did a great job of explaining how it feels. I struggle so often with explaining TN-what is it, why can't you work, why can't you think or talk or smile. It is so hard! I am just thankful for the moments or a few times hours of relief!

Thanks again!

I agree with VirginiaGirl, it was an innovative video to describe our pain and daily life. Thank you and God Bless you for taking your time to support TN and ATN sufferers.