Is TN qualify for disability?

I can't get any info on this

Go to search tab above and type in Disability.

Go to Face Pain Info tab and search Disability-- it is on here - just gotta dig a little : )

it's not listed as an automatic disability, but people have gotten it and people have been denied. I'm in the process. Have my on-line apps in, dr, hospital etc reports copied and mailed in last week. Today they sent me more paperwork to fill out, guess that's a good sign, at least I'm not automatically disqualified. there are alot of trick questions on the app, I definately studied before starting.

I’m in the process also. Have a phone interview coming up because I haven’t been able to really leave the house much. I will let you guys know how it goes.

get a lawyer !! never apply for disability on your own !!

Going to try on my own first and then get a lawyer if it doesn’t work. :slight_smile: