In the hospital

got admitted last night; on fluids, haven't had anything to eat in two days, though, so I wonder how they're going to handle that. I didn't sleep very well, as you'd imagine. I kept getting shock after shock :(

It is 7:11 am, I hope the light isn't bothering my room mate, and I'll probably post more later.

Oh I’m so glad to hear you’re in the hospital, although I’m sorry your still hurting so much.
((( hugs )))
At least being hooked up to IV fluids you’ll get nourishment and soon start to gain energy back . Don’t worry about eating right now, let the IV do it’s thing…hopefully they’ll be able to find something that helps with the amount of shocks/ pain you’re having. I’m just so sorry you’re suffering so much.
Take care of you, keep us updating ok?
(( hugs )) Mimi
try and get as much rest as you can sweetie.

I’m thinking of you

Thanks so much, mimi. <3