I am the walking wounded!

While my lovely little family was putting up Christmas decorations, my angelic 12 year old daughter poked me in the eye with branches painted gold. My TN was moderate that day until then. Now, we have a weeping mother, weeping daughter, and a cheek that is pulsing with pain. I felt terrible for her. She didn't mean to do it. God love her, she has no spatial concept. The world revolves around her! We are just allowed to live in it! Well, we completed the decorations, I took a "vitamin V" (vicodin) , then I crashed about 6. It took me 2 days to go to the eye doctor. Hmm. Are floaters normal? Should I still feel like the stick is in my eye? No on both accounts!

Well, let me tell you folks, the eye doctor just made the list of people I hate to see. Right behind the dentist and gynecologist (the last one has nothing to do with TN, but if you're a female, you know why). That eye doctor dilated my eyes and poked and prodded for an hour. I could feel my cheek winding up, next batter..the eyebrow. Do I hear the jaw? No. Just the upper portion. He had the left side of my face so angry that I couldn't talk. It actually hurt to walk. I could feel my hair bounce. UGH!!

I am only on a low amount of medications...don't laugh. I only take 300mg of Tegretol a day (Plus gabapentin,topamax, & cymbalta). I tried to increase the tegretol to 400 mg a day. I could not do that. I can't imagine being on 1200mg! I am already a walking zombie! I am finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate at work. Geez, if I got off of all of my meds, just think of how smart and witty I would be! Oh, those are just pipe dreams, my friend. I feel that I am destined to a life of forgetfulness and eternal sleep deprivation (after sleeping for 12 hours). How do you all cope with the side effects?

For now, I try to have a positive attitude, and honestly, I pretend to be fine and never miss work out of pure spite. Again I say, I will not let this define me! I don't want my boss or coworkers labeling me because of this. I will not let this interfere with ME. Ok, now I need a nap!

((((( hugs ))))), hope this reply finds you feeling better, take care of you…I know it’s so hard, allowing yourself a Day off work to catch up on sleep or deal with increasing pain is OK! You need to take care of you Dollface.
positive attitude in the face of TN is half the battle! You rock!
Continued strength as you cope with TN and life, xox Mimi