Not sure how much more I can take

Today was not a great day to be honest...

I still have 2 weeks before I see my pain specialist again, but the meds I'm on now don't help much. I just get so drained from dealing with pain.

Last week, on top of everything, there have been some concerns with vision in my right eye. I see a neuro-opthalmologist tomorrow to see if it is medicine related, neuralgia related or something else...

The cherry on top, is that there have been crazy viruses/colds going around where I live which both of my roommates got and I woke up with my throat on fire... I really don't want to get sick on top of everything. I don't mean to complain and rant... but at times I need to b/c not main people understand what we go through...

At times I simply have to view things like this:

Day by Day

Moment by Moment

Breath by Breath

And as long as we have breath, there is hope <3

Complain honey....complain! We all deserve to complain sometimes. Sometimes you feel better after getting it off your chest. Are you on any anti-convulsants? That should help your pain more than narcotic pain meds. ((((hugs))))

Hi KayMay,

So sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time with the pain. Its okay sweetie we have all been thru this and lots of us continue to go thru it. Thats why we are here, we can be a sounding board. You just need someone to listen to you and rightfully so this is a monster of a disorder. Especially your in school the stress alone from your studies on top of that you are dealing with alot of pain. Its real and we are here for you. Have you spoke to your doctor about your vision problem definetly adress that. Also how much tegretol are u taking? Sometimes the dose needs to be tweeked a little . You said your not getting any relief anymore that happens alot. Either an increase of medication or changing it or combos of different medications may need to ne tried. Let your doctor know all your concerns and if your not happy always get a second opinion. Sounds like your happy you found a good doctor, its awful it takes that long.

Let us know how you make out and we are here for you to sound off sweetie. You take care of yourself you hear

My Best

Joanne( tatto20)

You better be taking some vitamin c! Hope you don't get sick.

Hi KayMay,

Just checking in sweetie, hows your day going hope its better. Just wanted to make sure that your okay and everyone here if u need us. I know it can get very rough but know there are folks that care and understand what your going thru. Hang in there sweetie

My Best


Dear Kay

I know exactly how you feel....I have been fighting against this monster for nearly two years. When you write day by day, moment by moment, breath by breath I understand. I live my life from one second to another. My only escape is when I sleep.

I pray for the strength to get though each day, but I just feel so weak and tired. I can't remember waking up and feeling normal and free of pain. The only thing I look forward to anymore is when it is time to go to sleep again.

My husband has been great. He listens to my complaining, crying, sobbing, begging for the pain to stop. He deserves a medal for putting up with me. It must be exhausting for him.

I try to be positive, but it just so difficult. I would give anything for a day free of pain.

Feel free to complain and rant to me anytime. I can't change things for you, but I can understand how you feel. Take care and best wishes for some relief from your pain.


I'm sorry that you are going through that hell ... rest assured that there are a lot of people here to support you, we have all been there barely existing between attacks or fluctuations in constant pain or both for us with both type 1 and 2! Hope you feel better x

Thank you all SO much.

I do have GOOD news to report. Thankfully, my vision problems are not related to the neuralgia. Praise the Lord!

I went to a Neuro-Opthalmologist and they confirmed that my eyes were severely dried out from a combination of my medication and computer usage for work (8+ hours a day...). In addition--my perscription in my glasses were incorrect. (no wonder I'm having trouble seeing lol)

It's nice in situations like this.. to get an answer in ONE visit... many of you can relate to countless "unknown" doctor visits.

So the plan now is to get new glasses and some hard core eye drop treatments (like 3 different ones a day lol)

Again.. thank you all for your love and support!

Kaymay. please let us know how you fare. It just goes to show that there is always hope. An answer from a Dr as we all know here is not always easy to come by. Hang in kiddo, we are all here for you x

I have strange issues with my right eye which is the worst side i've had teeth removed ...every once in a while i feel like im guna lose my vision but i don't it happens a few times then goes away is urs anything like this?

Hi Kay May, Sorry to hear about all the problems your having doesn't it just seem when it rains it pours? Just hang tough though I know that it's hard to do at times but it's like "This to will pass". Best of luck to you

Ralf said all that.