Hospital update

It's 4;04pm just thought I'd let everyone know how I'm doing. They did a nerve block on my occipital nerve this morning, which did nothing except numb the back of my head. So, I'm still getting shocks and have the fire/burning sensation on my face.

They're starting to talk about IV nutrition or a feeding tube, and I'm really, really scared. If any of you have experienced a feeding tube, could you let me know what it was like?

They haven't mentioned MVD yet, I think they want to try all the meds they can first, though. I just want the pain gone, so I'm being a bit impatient.

That's all for now, thank you for all of your support. <3

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Sorry the nerve block didnt really work, I’m glad to see they’re trying…
I know all of this is alot to take in BUT IV nutrition or even a feeding tube, is ok.
Try not to be afraid, they are done often to provide nutrition when you can’t feed or drink yourself.
They do not look at MVD right away, Medication comes first, because in many cases TN can be managed by meds. Although MVD is something to look at as well as all of the other options, MVD doesn’t work for everyone. You and your parents need to read up and get as much info as possible about TN so that you can make an informed decision.
Check out the link below , it’s a good place to start, and provides an easy to read/ understand all about TN and the different ways people are treated for pain.
Positive thoughts, ((( hugs )))