Hi again....experiencing dizzy spells and I'm worried


I just stood up to swat a fly lol random I know and I felt like I was about to collapse, my legs were shaking I had to hold the wall for support. Has anyone experienced this, is it normal and is it related to TN. I'm worried because I have just been diagnosed so I haven't had any test for underlying conditions, I'm worried something else is going on. My doctor is absolute rubbish! She doesn't seem to care or be trying to hurry my appointment along. She won't even refer me to neurologist just an ear nose and throat department! I think I may have to go back to the hospital. Please help. Hope everyone is well.



Chelz, keep the appointment with the ENT because they know all things in regards to dizziness and can at least investigate whether your dizziness is an inner ear problem. In the meantime advocate for a referral to a neurologist then at least you are covering all bases!
Can you find a new doctor?
My dizziness is a separate issue ( we think) we’re still in the process of investigating.
My adviceis to keep a little journal and write down when and how your dizziness appears and what it feels like as well as how long it lasts … This journal will come in handy when you see the ENT and eventually the neuro.
((( hugs )))

Hi Mimi, thank you for your reply. As yet I haven't even been offered an ENT appointment, I was only referred recently which I suspect was to 'shut me up' as I was diagnosed afterwards by the hospital. I have looked online for new doctors and I think I will definitely change tomorrow. I have been pain free for 2 and a half glorious days so trying to enjoy this until the next attack. This makes me think the dizziness my be due to a underlying condition rather than my TN. I don't know its all so confusing. Plus I have been told to avoid trying for a baby as the medication will harm the fetus. So if I'm on meds for ever, I might not be able to have children. That is breaking my heart right now. I'm trying to put all my focus into writing the TN feature for my blog because I feel more and more everyday that awareness needs to be raised! I don't know if you saw my post about the feature, I'm trying to get some true stories and tips for dealing with TN I would be so grateful if you could send some to me. I hope to hear from you soon and please let me know if you have any info about pregnancy and meds etc.



Tegretol, my current prescription, makes me incredibly dizzy. I had to spend my first 2 weeks of it on bed rest and couldn’t walk across a room without getting vertigo. For some odd reason this is only relieved when I take Tylenol. I don’t know why or how it works and I am waiting to see a new neurologist as I’ve recently moved to another state. I will let you know I find any additional information.

Thank you for your advice not sure if we get Tylenol over here in UK lol! I hope you're appt with new neurologist went well :)