Any experience with unsteadiness

I’ve been having episodes of unsteadiness, does anyone else have any experience with this?

When this occurs I can’t walk straight and to someone observing me I might appear drunk. I do not experience any dizziness.

Yes I do which I put down to side effects of the meds I am on. Check with your Dr just to put your mind at rest.

Thanks Mary. Unfortunately I’m not on any meds currently to be able to place blame. The last two (Phenytoin HCl, Nortriptyline) I tried caused horrible tremors, so much so that my Dr listed them as allergies. I’ve been off them both now for over six months; surely they would be out of my system by now.

I would definately make an appointment with your Dr to check everything is ok. Best wishes.

Thank you Mary. I see my Dr tomorrow.