Help, Meds Arent Working

I take a combo of Gaba and Tripepital and as long as I take them I am generally good. 2 weeks ago it started flaring up deep in my jaw and I upped meds to try and get relief. After almost 2 weeks I had 3 days of almost no pain then it came back. Its not working and it just hits me in the jaw every 2 minutes. Why aren’t the meds working all of a sudden. My neuro doesn’t have appts until August though they have me on a list for cancellations. I got an apt with my GP for Thursday.

I don’t know what to try. These meds generally have been reliable, with being able to move up and down depending how long the remission lasted.

I had a chiropractor apt 2 weeks ago because of a neck ache, could that have triggered it? Doctors say stress sometimes but I have been a lot more stressed than I am now without the pain kicking up like this.

Help. Has my meds run their course?

You need to hang in their. Call every Thursday to see if any cancellations. Always the best day to call.
Get out of the house and try something new Santa Ana has many things to do and see. I’m here in Santa clarita. Try and distract your mind until then. Stress is a trigger, blood flow is key, enjoy a coffee, if you can exercise do some cardio. You can’t get hung up on the doctor details until you see them. Were here for you if you need us anytime. Be strong Teri

Hi Nicholas

I work full time and try and keep my mind off of it.

I just don’t understand why its not responding to meds all of a sudden.

Thank you for your kind words.

How about going back to the chiro for another adjustment.There could be something touching the nerve.
I hate it ,hate it ,hate it.
It is all guesswork.
I find ocean sounds helpfull

Hi Teri,

I was experiencing excruciating pain after weeks of low pain, and feeling overwhelmed for similar reasons- couldn’t see a doctor, and meds did not seem to be helping as much. I also recommend to keep calling. What helped me was going to work to get my mind off of the tough pain and thoughts running through my head.
I got 2 new prescriptions (baclofen and amitryptaline, and I was already taking 2700mg of gabapentin a day) soon after, fortunately, and that helped a lot. It’s hard waiting, but I would point out to the specialist (if you are seeing one? Is that the GP?) that the pain seemed to increase after the visit to the chiro. I just read in another post that sometimes the neck might be involved as a potential exacerbater of pain.
Best of luck and I hope it all goes well.

Teri: Sooner or later most TN people face this. It seems inexplicable, when the meds worked and made life liveable, and then the roof seems to cave in. You will get through this. It might take surgery, or it might just take time. But you will make it. I’m 28 years with TN, and in that long time the pain has morphed into a form that is much more liveable. Know we all are pulling for you and praying. Don’t despair. Look for the little things in life that help. It will make you a stronger person in the end.

Have you seen an Upper Cervical Chiropractor? They are different than a regular chiro. I went through the med regimen myself with little success and intolerable side affects. When I started getting UCC treatments it was only a few months before I was almost pain free and have been for a while now.

I also take baclofen, amytriptiline, Lyrica and extended release Tramadol. See if your primary care physician will prescribe any or all of these. I also get acupuncture weekly. This is not curative, but does provide the best hours of my week and several hours of pain reduction. These do not cure my pain, but they help ameliorate it. They do make me sleepy, however. Sometimes you just need to keep trying different meds. Also try a heating pad. My prayer for you: Dear Lord, help Teri fight the fight. Give hope, where there is despair. Send good sleep and a refreshed morning. Amen.

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I found that I had mine no mater what. I to took those different drugs and it would only help for a while then the attacks would come back. I had Cyber Knife, and Gamma Knife and nether of those help. I finally had MVD about a year ago and now it is starting to come back. Good luck to get it under control.

I hope you had an awesome year.Too bad we never know how long a treatment will last.

Hi Ellen, Thanks for the reply. I know what yu are going through with the
meds. It6 seem they only last so long and then the pain is back. Even the
opertions don’t last for long. I’ve had all three knids of operations and
none of them are any lasting help. Sorry for being so pesamistic about it
but it’s true. Hope you are doing weel and hve a nice day .
Wheels For Legs said all that.

Love the butterflies!
Have been trying to get my basement from leaking.
Finally found a crew that has been working like anything.
I don’t know why I do not feel hungry anymore.
may be the mouth but don’t know.
losing weight
that I need to
But-I now look like I looked when I was 17-minus all the face lines and the
no teeth thing going on.

Hi Ellen, I know what you are saying about basement leaks . I had a house in
Chi that had one and I got one of these pressure leak stop things and it
really worked (lol) coulndn’t believe it. I lost 22 pounds when I had that
MVD operation but I have it back now. I’m still a trim 196# and at 6’3"
thats what they say I shold be at. Yeah for me lol. So how are you doing
otherwise? Any better? This stuff is preogressive and even if we stop it for
a while it comes back. I am getting some really shap electric shock hits now
and I think it will get worse. Oh well, what we can’t change we have to
learn to endure. Have a good one. Bye.

Hi There
I tried all that hydraulic cement.Stop the leak in one spot and moved to another.I fin ally got it so that it was pouring in(gallons in 5 minutes)behind my furnace and built a volcano with the stuff to get it to slow down.diapers worked to give me an hour sleep.
Very cool.My sisters were over yesterday and we were trying on outfits.So jealous of me,they were.
Until I smiled and grabbed my pills.
I am going to learn all about poppies this year.I have poppy everything.
I figure if a narcotic is one of my go to meds and it comes from a pretty flower ,why not get acquainted with the plant.
Not sure where baclofen comes from-maybe next year I will try and make friends with that.
I am so sorry that you have all this crap to go through.I hope you have some kind of insurance paying for all these operations or that you are a billionairre.

Hi Ellen, I was wondering how you are doing. I hope thisa missive finds you
happy and do ing fine. Keep in touch if you find the time dropa note. Best
wishs to ya.
Wheels for legs, said all that bye.

Hi There
Think I discovered why I am getting my teenage body back.Something to do with thyroid.
Had a bunch of blood work and just had an ultrasound.And then wait for the endocrinologist. Darn
Basement is done-just with the interior weeping tiles they gut your basement and put this black plastic wrap all around the perimeter-so it really looks bleak down there.
Trying dextromethoripin (the cough medicine stuff)and melatonin.Supposed to work on neuropathic pain.
Just so fed up.
But keeping on going.
Bought a bunch of cheap plastic indoor outdoor rugs to decorate the basement walls with.
I can really go to town with beach glassing up the whole house now.And I got so much wood that had washed ashore that I can build something-don’t know what.But I try and have some fun.
How are you doing?

Hi, Sorry to hear about the basement. Oh well at least thats not to bad to
deal with. Is the meds helping you I never heard of that combination but WTH
if it works go for it… Gald to hear that you have found something that will
work. Thanks for the note have a good one.
Wheel for legs said that.

Hi How you doing?
just got back from my cabin.Deer flies,black flies ,mosquitoes and one horse fly even to round out the neighbours.
The cough syrup and melatonin recipe I got from the internet.
Since it only cost 5 bucks I figured I would try.
How is your face doing?I hope super good.
There were monarch butterflies on my milkweed plants.
And I found an intact turtle egg that I must have scared a mink carrying away ,so I will try and hatch it in the city and then return.poor little guy.
Don’t know whether eggs can think-this one has been on an adventure!

Hi. LOL so you will have a turtle to worry about? Sounds like you 've had
some fun this week. I have not had a very exciting week. I staied at home di
in the cool. It was 90* here this week. Got an MRI to see if they broke my
back lol (car hit me). Some bumps and such but seems like no really bad
hurts. Glad to hear from you live well.
Wheels 4 legs said that.

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What the heck?A car hit you and you are wishing me well?And LOL?Not funny-but I get it-if I don’t do stuff and think I will cry.
I wish you well and more.
I am so sorry that things are crap for you.
I just try and make things exciting for me.My cabin is in the bush-full of every bug you can power,outhouse-wood stove.
People shooting guns all the time.Got brave enough to let off a bear banger fire works.The thing was like an elephant gun.Stopped the shooting right away.
Thanks for reminding me about the turtle egg.Still in my car.
After I have a shower that will be the first job.remind me tomorrow,will you?