Hello & Thank you!x

Hello and thank you to everyone who has been so warm in welcoming me.

I wasnt sure which place was most appropriate to add a post, but am going through a really bad period of pain but find solace in the fact that all you wonderful people are their to support and encourage myself and each other.

I am so glad to have found you!

Hi Wilbur, welcome!!
Sorry to hear you are suffering…I am too. It really wears you down hey? I’ve been using a microwaveable bag to help ease the horrid pain, it helps take the edge off. I also use a tooth numbing gel for my gums and lower teeth…doesn’t last long, but it helps.
Just for your info, more people read the main page Forums/Discussions if you want more input. But the blog area is good too.
Hope you (and I ) feel better soon.

Glad you found us! It is very helpful when you're having a rough time. (((((((hugs))))))))