Heat & humidity

Does anyone else deal with pain triggered by the heat & humidity?

hmmm, maybe? What an answer! Direct sun is one of my triggers. When I get clammy or sweaty in the face because of humidity, that's another trigger. So heat and humidity not directly, but what happens when its hot and sunny - absolutely!!

and the flip side - the biting cold of winter, the wind and changes in barometric pressure too. I'm a weather girl!

I soaked in the sun on Monday. It's Friday now and I've had a week of attack after attack because the sun triggered an initial attack. I don't go outdoors much and when I do, I make sure its worth it.

I've read on here there are a lot of people with these triggers so you aren't alone.


I am going next week for a CT scan because they have yet to determine what is causing my facial pain. One Doctor thought TN and then another said I don't think so. I just know that the heat triggers something for me and never in my life have I had such intense pain. They finally agreeed that it is now a sinus issue and the Dentist confirmed that my teeth are fine. I know look at the weather & decide if I am going to go outdoors or not. I have missed many outdoor activities because I know if I get over heated I will soon be in misery. They said it was not migraines. They keeps telling me what is isn't but so far they have been unable to agree on what it is. I only know I can't live with the episodes.

I’m effected more by the cold, my office is so cold and draughty that I actually use my hot water bottle to ease the pain a little