Healthy Smoothies

I just wanted to share my success with being able to take in nutrients from healthy foods that I wouldn't normally be able to chew due to the TN and TMJ without setting off breakthrough pain. A nice surprise has also been not constipated as usual due to the meds.

It's so simple and cheap.

Greens are in

Curly Kale, spinach, parsley and what ever else, like cooked veg.

these have enormous nutrients especially the kale, they call it the queen of greens.

Ground flax seed, honey for taste and immunity, lemon or oranges, juice and or almond milk, or regular milk, I also use frozen blueberries.

Play with it, have fun with it, experiment with it.....put it all in a blender and mix well. Taste and enjoy.

So easy!!!

what a great idea, will have to give it a go. my tn has progressed fairly rapidly and has started flaring up when i eat so will definitely give it a go

Hi Cheryl, Thanks for sharing. I went through a bout of TN pain of 8 days in which I couldn't eat food and had to sip all my nutrients through a straw. I couldn't talk or brush my teeth. Like you I discovered the joy of smoothies and really liked my fruit combinations especially. Right now able to eat solid foods again but it is comforting to know that I could eat a liquid diet if I have to. I loved the ease of using a Cuisinart hand blender. Not being able to brush my teeth was the hardest to tolerate. My hubby and I still enjoy a lunch of some of those smoothies I learned to make.

I also find that the natural nutrients I get from the greens and the flax seed and blueberries etc. help combat some of the fatigue felt from the drugs. I'm not a big fruit lover usually but in the smoothies I especially love the frozen blueberries. These are going to be awesome in the summer!

I am a huge smoothies person as well! I used Pinterest & other sites to find many, many recipes for the days when I can't chew! My favorite right now is a strawberry-banana oatmeal smoothie. I love adding rolled oats to mine, for the fiber & for thickness. One glass of this & I'm full!

I use soy milk in mine or juice. My freezer is stocked full of frozen berries, bananas & greens!