Healthy teeth and food

I’m in real pain with my TN and am struggling to eat and brush my teeth, has anybody got any ideas for food preferably through a straw and how to clean my teeth?


I hope somebody has some ideas I am having the same issues. I am in tears when I am brushing my teeth it's that painful.

My TN was very similar and I found that if I placed the brush on my teeth on the side that was affected and very slowly just moved the brush horizontally across the teeth not back and forth I was able to stay away from the triggering of a break thru pain event. Eating was very difficult I just tried to eat on the side not affected and again very slowly. Luckily with mine these symptoms were at their worst only for 4-6 weeks and then changed to other triggering events or slowly subsided into remission. I know that this is of little help, but I hope you know there are those who really care and I will think of you Jason. I had my mvd in July of this year and I am now 100% pain free; a very lucky guy and I feel so blessed to come out on the other side of the surgery whole again. There is hope with all of this whether it be hitting on the right meds or more aggressive approaches. Keep positive and take it on as a challenge that you will be able to overcome.

Jay in North Idaho

I find when the pain is bad I have to use baby toothbrush and eat foods I don't have to chew. I know its not great but it helps some.

Thanks for your comments. It is really nice to know that people care about others here. I really appreciate it.

Milk is a good "food" and stuff like Ensure, Slim Fast, etc. I have a feeling that's what I'll be living on shortly. I keep forcing myself to eat soft things, like soup and eggs, but it still hurts.