Had MVD on 3/24/14 with Dr. Brown

I am a few days post op. I have a lot of facial and tongue numbness. Dr. Brown had a tough job to do. My scan showed an artery compression but when he went in he found a nerve wrapped around a vein, as well so it had to be cortorized and moved. I had Teflon placed in 3 areas.
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Brown. He is caring, knowledgable and follows up with his patients.

I’m glad you got through the surgery successfully, nrthshrgrl. Do you have type I or type II?

So glad that your surgery went well. You could not be in better hands. I know him for a long time and I know him well. We fought the insurance together and he is a doctor that either you get ...or you don't. I say if you don't get doctor Brown then you really don't know what you are looking for in a doctor. Know your facts, know your pain when you go in to him. Present your case to him in actual words of what you are feeling. Then he will give you all the time you need. He gets a rap for being cold. As I'm sure u know, but for the rest, trust me he's not. Just bring him to the problem. you don't have to be a genius, that's why u have him. All the best my dear.....Better days ahead. Tell Dr. Brown Eva says Hi!

Did you put him in the doctors tab?

Or is he already there?

Rest up… And remember…your head will not feel normalish for many, many , weeks to come.

Let us know your progress!

This is such a relief to hear - I am having an MVD with Dr Brown in a few weeks and am very anxious about it. Thank you for posting and making my day a little better. I wish you a speedy recovery!
Would it be ok to PM you if I have specific questions?

Just saw your post, hope you are doing well. I too am having MVD surgery with Dr Brown in two weeks. I’m very scared! I don’t know what to expect when I wake up, just really nervous about the surgery.
How did you feel in the hospital? What was it like when you went home?
Do you have the shock pain or is it gone?

I had MVD in December and it took me months to fully recover. I had blurred vision and loss of hearing in my rt ear, however both of these have corrected themselves. My neurosurgeon said that it was most likely swelling, so at least you have some light at the end of the tunnel.

I will say that the MVD didn't completely fix my TN, but its now manageable with Lyrica.

Best of luck to you.

Glad to hear your surgery went well! I am also a patient of Dr. Brown’s, and agree that he is the best. I had three surgeries with him in 2013, and even though I had to travel from Georgia to NY, I will not see anyone else.
Best wishes for continued healing!

Mel said:

I don't know what PM means...Probably some private way to chat...and that's just fine with me. Let me know when you are in Long Island for Brown and anyway I could help you out I will. I live only 15-20 min away. Your in good hands. That's half the battle. God speed! Eva