Glycerol injections

I wanted to find out if anyone has had success with glycerol injections. I had surgery at 16 from diagnosed with TN at 14, and Gamma knife last year. I am 40 now. This is the next option as I've exhausted all meds. Did this help anyone, what was the experience like? How long were you down for? A day? What else is out there procedure wise that I could try that you've found helpful?

I am not happy with mine. Had procedure late October and still have patch over numb eye to calm down the tingles, pain, broken glass feeling in the eye. That is in addition to a numb scalp, face, and mouth on the procedure side and haven't worked since. Surgeon allowed 4-6 week disability due to extreme reaction which I am grateful for. I have had 5 shocks post-procedure so that is very good. It will do nothing to help ATN pain.

I did see a woman on here who was numb for 2 days and all is good. Good luck.