Glosso, Atypical or Typical Neuralgia...?

I’ve been reading quite a bit in regards to the various types of neuralgias (I believe in being an informed patient!). I wonder if any of my symptoms can be lumped together or if I have different types of neuralgia:

  1. Pain in left back of throat, achy but sometimes sharp when I swallow
  2. Deep left earpain, like an ice pick- can last for days alternating with throbbing in my left eye socket
  3. Occasional sensitive to touch along left brow
    5.deep ache down left side of neck, sometimes feels like my carotid artery since the ache is in sync with heart rate
  4. CONSTANT nausea and now random faint feeling

I have had a lesion show up in my left trigeminal area, I go to my neuro to discuss my recent MRA…
I’ve had a migraine/TN pain for past 16 days and it feels like blood is pooling on the left said of cranial cavity, but my blood pressure is not significantly raised…

Anyone else had a combo of these symptoms?
I already take Lyrica, baclofen, and norco for migraines and a dilauded shot the other day made my TN worse…
Thanks for sharing your story…

You have symptoms which appear to span more than one variety of cranial neuropathic pain. The back of the throat thing is often reported in Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia. A lot of folks report similarity to having swallowed a fishbone, with GN. Icepick in the ear is characteristic of and could be Geniculate Neuralgia. Throbbing in the left eye socket and occasional sensitivity to light touch both track pretty well to Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. The deep ache down the side of your neck could be referred pain, though it's worth investigating to be sure something else isn't going on as well. The nausea and random faint feeling are sometimes associated with compressions of the Vagus nerve. However, with the meds you are on, it's also possible for the nausea to be a medication side effect.

I notice that you are not taking either an anti-seizure drug or any of the tricyclic antidepressants. They are widely regarded as the main line of defense for facial neuropathic pain such as ATN and GN. Worth talking wobut with your neuro when you go.

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I have those symptoms. I am controlled now with Effexor. I have ATN and glossopharyneal neuralgia. I started with ATN in 05 and this year the GN started. Now have minimal Glosso and ATN with med. since August 30th this year.

Red- thanks! I replied to you in my other post about the doc and will be seeking your help soon!

Min C- What did you notice changing that signaled a new type of neuralgia? Was it one particular symptom, combo of symptoms, or just a slow steady progression? I am always interested in hearing other people's symptom types and what made them take notice of new or changing symptoms. I know it's not always a definite way to evaluate our own health issues but helps me not to feel alone in a way. Thank you.

When I was Tegretol for three months. Every time my dosage was increased I had worsening symptoms I couldn’t swallow it got worse each time. Plus I had deep ear pain and jaw ache. I researched Glosso and I had the symptoms, then I asked my neuro what he thougt and he agreed. So my neuro titrated my off the Tegretol and I got better, then started the Effexor a week before I was done with theTegretol and noticed The Effexor started working on the pain.