Occipital Neuralgia vs ATN/Migraines?

I have a diagnose of Bilateral TN, ATN, Migraines and a splash of Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia.

The Left side has constant Type 1 and 2 and GN comes on during the worst of it only showing up a handful of times on 1/4 of numb tongue, metallic taste, underside of jaw twinges/hurts to touch and lumpy throat with swallow.

Right side still fluctuates the Type 1 usually due to eating as I can no longer chew on left due to 3 healthies being voluntarily pulled. Upper branches have more ATN pain.

I recently get many spasms and bursts in my centreline my nose/forehead.

I am ultra sensitive to noise (worst) my left ear constantly hurts and increases in tinnitus, ice pick pain and can lead the charge to intolerable places.

My eyes however excellent vision are always achy, hurt to blink, feel like someones playing the spoons on them.Use to come and go but has become a daily issue due to insomnia.

I get sore neck pain which does seem to shoot up. If I run my fingers from my temples through my hair down to the back of my head it hurts to the touch and throbs afterwards.

QUESTION IS I'm not sure where these migraines fit in or whether the ATN and Migraines are just Occipital Neuralgia.

In 2010 I had no TN symptoms but had daily migraines which started like clockwork at 3 when my chatterboxes got to my workplace. They were little and had shrilly voices and stood exactly ear level as I sat inputing on the computer. At 6 or 7 each night I escaped to my bed no noise/light and would awake fine. I did not respond to any prescribed migraine related meds. This went on for 2 years then I did an ear candle and felt the left side pain actually suction out the pain. Not sure if it was a pressure thing or just a lucky remission as it did nothing with my problems surfacing now.

I am going to schedule a reappointment with my Neurosurgeon as I am on waitlist for MVD for Left side but obviously need to address the ON question.

PS Have had a headache took a tylenol and it went away before these pain are nowhere the same.

Hi Cangirl, Ive got the TN 1 and 2 and the eye and ear thing too. Off to see the neuro again tomorrow about that very topic. I've been putting it down to ON. Last time I had it playing up, I went on to another medication, name of which escapes me, but that settled it down pretty quickly. Unfortunately I became allergic to that one as well. I'll drop you a line when I remember the name of it. :)

Mine never stops.Just less bad on right side. I take gaba 1200mg a day and am now having some luck with the Fentynl patch.I am up to 50mg patch and have been able to almost ignore it and have a active day. Without opiates I'm bedridden. Allergic or non responsive to tons of combos.