Is it Geniculate Neuralgia or Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia?

How do you know if you have GN or GNP? Are they both forms of TN?

I started with deep sharp stabbing pains to my right ear that lasted for a few seconds. I have had this for 6 years. It has progressed with new symptoms of pain when I swallow something cold (sometimes, not always) and sometimes when I eat, but not very often. I also sometimes get a metal taste in the back of my tongue on the right side. Lately I have been having a dull ache going up from my ear to my temple. Also, I have started having pain on the outside of my ear, the pinna I think it is called. I am having an MRI next week. What if they don't see anything on the MRI? How do I know what I have?

Hi taykay,
This subject confuses me, and I’ve tried reading as much as I can about it and I’m still left confused.
In my case, I just had an MVD for my left sided TN2, it became med resistant.
During the nine months I suffered, I had the deep ice pick in the ear feeling, my lower teeth felt like the nerve endings were exposed and I would get like a constant boring pain along my jaw. As it progressed I also had type 1 shocks that would hit me in my throat, along my jaw and along my nose.
After my MVD, all those symptoms are gone.
I just posted my surgical report the other day, and no where does it mention that a compression was found on the 7th or 8th cranial nerve.
I wondered if I might have GN as I also experienced severe vertigo a few months prior to my left side coming out of remission. Severe meaning I sat in a chair for 2 months.
I had every test possible to determine what was causing my vertigo, I even saw a vestibular physiotherapist for a few months to no avail.
My team of doctors decided it must be a delayed side effect of my Tegretol,even though I had been on it for years.

Needless to say by having my MVD and the compressions removed from my 5th cranial nerve, I am pain free and no longer deal with the ear and throat issues.
It boggles my mind.
These nerves are very close together.(5,7&8) so maybe the compression on 5 effected 7 & 8??
I don’t know. No compressions were ever visible on any of my MRIs from 2002-2012.

Thank you for your reply. Sounds like you really suffered before you had your MVD. What a confusing illness! I have also had a little bit of vertigo but it only lasts for a few seconds like the sharp pain. I can't imagine having it for 2 months. I guess that no one really knows exactly what is going on until they get inside your brain. It can feel very overwhelming.