First day after root canal

Good Morning !
Its my first morning after my root canal , there is no pain at the site! My dentist has golden hands no matter what work he does I never get any pain at site, even though my jaw was held ajar for 2hours, simply amazing. Holding on tight with optimism that it will continue this way. Still having pain in the upper jaw where previous root canal done with apiectomy. Praying this will eventually resolve, wouldn’t this be wonderful. Cautiouslly optimistic. Hoping a good day for everyone out there with upcoming dental work, totally empathetic to your situation.
My best

Hi Joanne,

Did you have novacaine? I am told there is another form of novacaine that is better for TN patients. Do you happen to know if that was helpful. Also, do you need to get a crown now that you have had the root canal done?>