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I don't want to hijack anyone from he Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia group, but thought I should note that both Ben's Friends and the Living with TN community have pages for doctors and hospitals. At LWTN, we list over 300 physicians world-wide, and many of them are familiar with GN as well as TN.

As an example that recently came up on the Facebook Group for GN, the following doctors are listed for Seattle, Washington area in the US:


Seattle Health Group

Dr Leveque

Harborview Hospital (Medical Center?)

Dr. Shekar, Neurosurgeon

University of Washington Hospital

Virginia Mason Hospital

Dr. Faroki (Neurosurgery)

Swedish Medical Center (Neuroscience Institute)

Dr. Johnny Delashaw


Red Lawhern, visiting moderator.

Hi Red,

The doctors are all meant to be on the database now, including the TN, GPN and other community doctors which is accessible through the doctors tab above.

Smiley :)


The list seem very small. Doesn't seem like there are very many listed. Red, do you have a link to this doctor list or point me in the direction of where these pages are?



The Doctor registry at Ben's Friends is here:

The listing we built at Living With TN should be included in that for Ben's Friends, but we maintain the page anyway at We built our list at LWTN from the recommendations of members. Many will also be qualified in Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia, but not necessarily all, because of the even greater rarity of GN as a disorder.

Regards, Red