Finally my 2nd MVD Surgery on Monday the 17th

Hi everyone thought I would let you know that I am scheduled for surgery on the 17th of this month sept. I am looking forward to getting rid of the pain and twitching on the left side of my face and start to live my confident life again. It has taken alot of away from me to not going anywhere to not even wanting to volunteer at my sons football games.

They had to wait for a specialist to fly in due to the complications I had with the last one but i am confident that this will be all good. yes, I am nervous and scared but it is going to be good. Thanks for listening to me in the past..


Hi Cathie Lynn,
I’m not that familiar with your story, but noticed we were “neighbors”. I’m sorry to read of your struggles. I certainly hope this next procedure will be the one that helps you.
I will be sending you positive thoughts and prayers for Monday !!!
Feeling nervous and scared is perfectly normal we all would be, but I can tell your a believer in the power of positive thinking, ever heard of the book The secret?
It will be good! Your surgery will be successful, believe it and it will be!
I’m believing it with you!
((( hugs ))) please touch base with us when you are able to and let us know how you’re healing is going…

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray the surgery is a huge success.

Hi Carhie
Hope the surgery has gone well. Wish you are permanently free of pain. I pray for you

Thinking of you

Well, almost 7 days post op and all seems fine nothing like last time. The incession is longer but no swelling at all, my ear does not hurt, my head does not hurt at all like last time. I cant kep much down { i think the steriods} this is my first day keeping anything down. They put ice pack on right after surgery and i have continued one on hour off.I really helps. I sleep alot but for short periods. The twitching has not stopped i think worse so i will try reflexology and or alternstive meds. Might have to change my job from crunching numbers to something less straining on my eyes. But all is good.The found one nerve closed they sais cleaned it up and placed another saline pack between them. When they opened up spot they drilled in before he said out came so much water that was contained inside. They found yellow around my ear and around they whole they drill previosly so they cleaned it all up. So ready to get back to my life ,i am taking the healing very serious and will take my full recovery time. Thank you everyone

I m so very happy for u Cathie, things went right. Please do take complete rest.
Best wishes

I would like to know the name of the Neurosurgeon, hospital, and it’s address, to write when u feel better please.