Hey Guys,

I hope you're all doing really well and that you're enjoying the holidays, the board's been pretty quiet as of late, and I'm assuming that is't due to everyone being swept off on the tide of Christmas carnage.

What's everyone been up to?

I spend yesterday with my inlaws, and had a great day, ate too much, all the usual gluttony.

I can't help but feel homesick at this time of year though :( But no rest for the wicked, I was back in the office for a 10 hour shift today, and another due tomorrow! So tiring stuff, but can't be helped.

What's everyone else been doing? Any plans for the New Year? As for that I plan to have a very very quiet one I'm afraid, no partying here! :)

Anyway much love to all, and hope you've had a great time so far..........

Gracie x x x