Coping over Christmas/Holidays

I'm just thinking its not long to go now for the holidays. How are we going to cope with parties, family, shopping, eating, etc. Any good ideas?

I'm going to do all my shopping on-line

I am planning to be really lazy and outsource the event as much as possible:

Dinner - buying a couple of cooked birds and roast vegetables and salad

Purchasing a meat platter & some dips and fruit, olive bread (the soft variety) and few nice crackers for nibbles

Music - with no or limited bass, and tuneful (no screaming or heavy metal etc. don't care if the teenagers cry)

All annoying relatives can hit the balcony and the nice fun ones can sit out the back (where I'll be) and have an open door for folks to drop by if they want to

No noisy toys

Treasure hunt to keep the kids busy - delegated to the teenagers - so it might turn into a bad remake of Lost (oops)

Disposable plates etc. (no washing up) baad for the environment, but only do it once a year.

Lots of fun and zen

Like Alice's on line shopping idea - just tried it out - could get addictive it was so easy - Heaps better than shopping in crowds. :)

Shopping online and closer to the Big Day I'll get all my food prep done over the course of a few days (I even have gone so far as to cook my veg a couple of weeks before and freeze them IN CASE I have a bad day and can't do the dinner on the 25th!). I've learnt in the past having had TERRIBLE xmas days where I literally haven't been out of bed, that in order for everyone else not to suffer and enjoy their day and in order for me not to be in bed crying about the fact I have ruined their xmas dinner, I prepare in advance/cook in advance and that way hubby just has to pop everything in the microwave.

That's a brilliant idea granadam :)

I'm just going to go out to a restaurant with the girlfriend for Xmas dinner. The place I have in mind is so busy that I doubt anyone will notice me grimacing as I eat.

Hi Amanda.

Happy New Year

Hope it’s a pain free one for you.

Mr Wadley has offered me an mvd at the Royal London.

Please can you let me know if you feel your mvd was totally successful or not and whether you are off all meds for GN now?
Also what did you think of the hospital as it has a terrible reviews by The Care Quality Commission and so many users of its services.

That will really help me.