Eye pain

I keep reading about pressure in and around the eye and the stabbing pain and pressure, but I feel like there is something in my eye ball almost daily and it gets wearing. I just wondered if anyone else gets this and if there is something I can do. I do have an eye patch that I wear when it is windy and cold outside but it doesn't seem limited to any trigger.

If it feels as if there's grit in your eye, then it could be that your eyeball is getting dry- it could be that you're not blinking as often as you should, or maybe the tears aren't forming properly. It would be a good idea to get it checked by an ophthalmologist as if it is getting dry then eye drops will help. Maybe Red could (with his expert knowledge about TN!), comment- I've researched functions of the Trigeminal nerve, and I think it might have a role in innervating the lacrimal glands responsible for tear formation.

Just read your page- you do have dry eyes then? Have you tried any eye drops? I use Xailin drops, they really help, but I'm UK, so not sure if you can get them in the US.

Have you heard of sjorgens? It causes dry eyes and dry mouth among other things . My ma has it. TN can be a symptom of sjorgens. Thankfully my ma doesn’t have TN and strangely I don’t have sjorgens.

My TN attacks seem to be at the eye level and above. I have a good bit of pain in my eyes from this disease. What I notice other than the TN pain is just the opposite of sjorgens as I have runny, goopey eyes and just can't seem to get them dried out. Every morning I wake up with fluid filled eyes and I wipe and wipe and wipe and just can't get them cleared out enough to even see the TV. It feels like there is crusty stuff in there also. Not gritty but crusty along with the thick runny stuff. Sitting here right now my eyes feel thick with this "stuff". I have no clue what is causing it. Is it the TN or something else? I don't know. :(

Maybe this is not what you meant but it is what is going on with me so thought I would throw it out there.

My TN is affecting all branches… But it’s not really hurting my eye… More like causing it to spasm when the wave hits. I’m on Gabapentin, but can still feel a crawling sensation from the nerves. It also makes my eye feel like there is something in it or that the mascara is sticking together. It’s a weird feeling, hard to explain.

I know exactly what u mean. Last winter I had flare ups around my left eye pretty much every day. And one thing that happened was it felt like I had a price of grit or a hair or something stuck in my eye. It drove me nuts. There was nothing in it. That was the least of the painful symptoms but even the “little” things drive you nuts right?!

The first eye symptom of TN I had was what felt like a wiggling worm from my affected molar straight up to my eyeball. It was the strangest feeling -- gave me the willies! I often got migraines at my right eye, and my TN affects the same eye. My eye often now feels like it is in a clamp or vise during an episode/flare-up. Sometimes it is so painful that I can't open it enough to drive to work. Unfortunately, it happens about once every week or so, and I just have to ride it out until I can get the gamma knife surgery. I'm hopeful that'll take care of it. Amitriptaline has helped but not eradicated it.

Stray sensations seemingly "on the eyeball" can occur with TN. But not only with TN. I think you were well advised by Jules -- get thee to an ophthalmologist or eye nose and throat specialist for evaluation before attempting to self-medicate. Be sure the eye specialist is made aware of your medical history for TN, as it may affect his or her diagnostic approach.

Regards, Red