Eye pain

I am wondering if anyone has eye pain, I have ATN and I suspect some new things going on because of a sore throat/ear pain and my right eye has been painful for several days. Anyone have this symptom? Thanks, Susan

Susan unfortunately I have to say yes. Sometimes my right eye feels like they are carving it out like a pumpkin. Lately some of the dull achey in my left but primarily right side.

The doctors say I have some type of TN2 or the ATN pain. Yes, sometimes I get pain around my eye and when I move my eye around. It is not the source of the pain, but an extension of my pain from my cheek bone area. Sometimes when my pain is flared up bad, I get pain by the bridge of my nose too, on one side. Fun fun! lol I try to accept the pain. Relax and accept it. I think of how much pain there is in the world and in the past world, and I feel I should be able to accept and live with it. I will say, from reading on here, I know some people are in much worse pain than me. There is no way I will let the doctors do surgery on me or injections. That seems like a lot of guess work on their part. But I guess if someone's pain is so bad, they will try anything. For me, medicine, meditation and acceptance of my situation seems like the safest relief for me at this point.

Hi Susan, I get the most incredibly painful eye. Usually one at a time, but I get TN 1 &2 both side anyway. Its seems to be swapping over more recently, tics. There's an old Jimmy Stewart movie, I often relate to, but short of plucking it out, I usually work out its TN, being addled brained more often than not, and take more drugs til it settles. I found that I get so busy trying to block the pain, I don't always listen to my body. Usually when I do, I realise I have cheek and jaw signs as well. These tend to escalate to the facial electrical storms, or like chewing on electrical fencing. Cows don't chew fencing for a reason :) We just don't get a choice (LOL), Managing the pain early seems to be the key to controlling it. Sometimes its a bit of pendulum between focussing on the pain so much it interrupts your life, or ignoring it so much it gets out of control. But you get better at it as you go. Just right is knowing your limitations and triggers and drugs and working with them with your medical support team.