Extreme Thirst With Flexeril

Does anyone else get that? I’ve had t

Ooops: I got cut off.

I’ve had to take Flexeril non-stop every day for a week. 20mg 3x a day. I can’t quench my thirst! I’ve had over 92 oz (2.7 L) of water since in the past 5 hrs. Mind you it’s only 5:20 am here. It seems excessive but I’m still thirsty. TMI: but I haven’t needed to use the restroom yet either.

Anyone else??

When I googled it - seems it's a rare side effect --- I would call dr. / and or pharmacist today to see if you should maybe cut back to 15 mg. to see if that helps the problem.

You wouldn't want to go all weekend like that!

Thanks KC! I don’t know why I didn’t google it. I really think some brain connections are missing sometimes. LoL I see a few comments about dry mouth online… This is beyond dry mouth. I can’t stop drinking. Still not much voiding going on. I’m surprised I haven’t swelled up from water retention. Gonna have to lower the dose because I already take diuretics for pseudotumor cerebri. I’m going to try some Biotine (sp) to see if it helps the dry mouth. Seems better than sucking on candy.

Thanks again KC. :slight_smile:

No but I get it with my tegretol sometimes.... and I mean BAD. Sometimes my mouth and throat are so dry I can hardly swallow! Get some Biotene mouthwash. You just swish it around for about 30 seconds and spit it out and it helps you make more saliva. Use a few times a day if needed.

I get it with my anti depressent to its the most common side effect its like dry mouth and really thirsty

If voiding does not regulate please see somebody ASAP : )