Does anyone's face swell up?

Sunday night I had a severe attack in my check. Since then my left side of my face is swelled up. This has happened to me several times in the course of my TN. At one time, my neurosurgeon had told me it is not my TN. I think that is bull!!! I believe 100% that it is. I am really sore and hurts to move my face. Along the side of my face and temple area is also very tender. Does anyone experience this?? Thanks.

I too swell when I have had an attack or bad spell. The neurologist saw the swelling and thought I must have a tumour pressing on a nerve but the MRI showed nothing. At that point he believed me when I said the swelling came and went. I find a warm towel helps it feel better. Some days I feel like Quazimoto; I am sure the spelling is not right. My friend who is a massage therapist says the swelling comes from extreme nerve irritation. Makes sense to me. I wish you many pain free days friend.

I used to get mild swelling in my cheek area with my TN pain, it was slight but you could certainly see the difference between both my cheeks when it occurred. I’ve read of others who experience this too.

I was going to get onto this forum and ask the very same question! Apparently I have had TN for 8 years now, but was finally just given an accurate diagnosis about 2 weeks ago. For years and years they told me it was TMJ. I used to get mild swelling in the face when I would get attacks or even get the headache that always comes along with my attacks. Right now I am on day 35 of this attack and the facial swelling started about 3 weeks ago. Some days its barely noticeable and other days its very noticeable. I don't go see my neurologist for the first time until Monday Aug 12. I'm pretty sure its still going to have some degree of swelling then still. I am really glad to see that I am not crazy with seeing the swelling. Everyone from my own Pastor to children can see its clearly swollen. My guess would be that its because the nerve is so irritated that its causing inflammation...but I am not a doc so that's purely speculation! :) Thanks for posting this. Its really glad to see that I am not alone in looking like a chipmunk with his acorns all in one cheek!!

Yes, I do! Same areas as you! The temple is excrutiatingly tender and sore. My neurosurgeon told me that I have A-typical facial pain. He does say that it is not related to my TN. I do believe that it is. But they just don’t know enough about it to say yes.

Birdie, you and I must be of the same mold! They recently added that to my list of dx. I think its crap too because I never had the "face pain" til the TN I would assume naturally its all related.....

Thank you all for the responses. My neurosurgeon also said it is not related. BS!! I have had slight swelling since this has started. There is just times it gets pretty big!! I feel sometimes like I am going crazy when they tell you that and you know it is from the TN. We feel the symptoms that come along with the swelling. Thanks again everyone and hope you all are having a descent day

Hi Donna, you are not alone with the facial swelling! My facial features have totally changed… The swelling gets so bad it looks like I have a food pouch like a hamster!! It’s 15 months for me now and I am still no better! I have seen everyone and there Auntie… Keep strong I know it’s easy to say but you will get good days and very bad days! X