Dental work, any advice?

I am having a wisdom tooth pulled at my dental clinic next Tuesday. The wisdom tooth is the same side as my TN, the left. Anyone care to share their experiences and what I might want to expect

I had my wisdom teeth out all four impacted when my tn all first began thinking it would help. I the time I didn’t know it was tn. Having them out didn’t worsen or help. It didn’t change anything. I think you will be OK . but my pain is atypical constant …I don’t know about you. Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply Jennifer. I’m starting to think mine is atypical as well. Have been this way now since the 8 of October. No let up whatsoever in the pain and pressure all the time. Then getting very bad headaches on the same side and stabbing shocking pains to my jaw, teeth, gums, check and tongue, all left side . This tooth is bad since January. I skipped an appointment to get it out but it has to come out now. Had a wisdom tooth extracted on the other side two weeks ago and no problem. I’m half lucking forward to the anaesthetic at this point.

Kind regards


I’ve had CONSTANT pain since April. Its horrible. I dont get shocks or “attacks” it’s a constant pain that progresses and gets worse threw out the day. Left sided burning inside my mouth and I want to rip my teeth out they throb so bad mainly the pointy bottom one to the left I swear I want to go in the bathroom and pry it out!!

I know that feeling very well, and only for my mother I wouldn’t have a tooth In the left side of my head left. She walked into my home while I was searching for a plyers to pull them. It would have been pointless tho, I get pain now in a “tooth” I had already pulled years ago at the side. It’s like a phantom tooth now. It’s a horrible horrible illness to have. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Yes I’ve been told even if the tooth is gone it wouldn’t make a wink of difference still same pain…its crazy. Yes I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. I really hope your journey gets you pain free somehow :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t do it, I’ve had too much unneeded dental work that cost lots of money and didn’t help a bit. Unless the tooth is absessed or a huge bother, think first. I do agree, being numb is great! Ha! My dentist actually said if I really needed a break from my pain or needed to eat he would numb that area! Funny. Good luck!!

Tooth in question is compacted against my another tooth and has a gaping hole in it. He took an xray and said that while he can see it is not the cause of the pain in my jaw, because until then he didn’t think I had TN, it still needs to go because it will cause me bother in time to come. My GP told me to have it out if I could handle it.

I haven't had any teeth removed, but had a couple root canals on the same side as my TN (left). I opted for the gas (nitrous oxide) and the whole procedure was painless. I've been to several dentists over the years and all of them have been sensitive to TN patients.