Could this be TN

I had tooth ache on a front crown tooth - this already had a root canal and the pain came and went over a period of 12 months- I was referred to an endodonist who opened up my gum and cleaned it out. No success- so I decided to have the tooth taken out - the pain then moved to my cuspid tooth -which we were using as a bridge - we then did two root canals on this tooth - still no success - then a week of anibiotics - no success - did a 360 photo of my tooth and the root canal looks good. Pain is 24/7 dull ache. Now trying Lyrica 225 twice a day

Do you think the above sounds like TN - I don’t get pain in my lower jaw or cheeks just this one tooth which had no pain until we removed the tooth to the right of it

Mine started with a single tooth. One back molar. Had really bad intermittant pain--swore I needed a root canal but the tooth looked fine on xrays. One night I had a full blown TN attack on all three branches of the nerve...thought I was having a stroke. Couldn't eat, sleep, even crying made it owrse... Thankfully, tegretol put me into remission and I have been painfree for two years now. It often starts in the teeth-- that is why so many people have unnecessary dental work.... hope you get into a good long remission soon!!

I tried Tegretol and it made me giddy and I was seeing double. So know I'm trying Lyrica but it does not seem to be working yet.