Check in Update

TN started in March &was soon more than I could handle.Went in 7/11for MVD, released 7/14. 7/18 readmitted from the ER.w/CSF leak running from nose/I thought I was having a stroke.Air bubbles in the brain. Had lumbar drain inserted 7/20 to relieve the pressure/drain CSF. Had 2 more brain/air bubble episodes in which I experienced pain like no other.Literally screaming moaning at the top of my lungs. A little blurry after this, they went in again, did a 2nd craini and closed a sinus/resealed the leak. Spent a total of 16 days in neurotrauma, many which I have no recollection of. Released on 8/3 sent home on 5day bed rest.Unable to help prepare/shop/attend the move in of both of my kids college, which left me quite sad. Was very lucky to have husband, mom/friends help me.They set up a food for our family for 3 weeks. Dinner meals were dropped off daily at my home. GODSEND! The swim team that our family is affiliated with sent over $200 in restaurant gift cards.Slept a lot! On 8/27 back to work 3 days/wk & slept the other 2day. Hard to tell if things had gotten better because I had so much pain from everything I had went thru.Neurosurgeon began weening tegretol /percocet.Had a hard time with this which led to 7 day insomnia. Melatonin rescued me thru this.Back FT 10/1. Spent day in NYC 10/7 shopping. Have to say I FEEL GREAT. Honestly never ever imagined I would again. I do get aches when it is rainy but they are nothing I can't handle. I get released from neuro on 10/18, I can't wait to start my life over! There IS HOPE!

God Bless you!
Although I’m so sorry to read of your trying experience, it must have been horrible!
I am soooo thrilled that you are feeling good and enjoying life!
Continued pain free days I wish for you, and please keep checking in and letting us know how you’re doing!