Cervical Pillows / Collars - Do They Work?

So, my doctor showed me something called “Real-Ease”, a support thing for your head & neck that’s supposed to take pressure off your head & neck area. I only used it for a minute or so, but it seems like it could be something that might helpout with the pain, but I’d like to ask before I commit some actual money & time on something that I don’t know will work or not. So, I’ll ask those who would know best: you.

p.s. - Here’s a link to what I’m talking about on Amazon. That way we know we’re talking about the same thing. Real-Ease Cervical Pillow

I think I would try one, at only 24 dollars ! I’ve slept on a water bed all my life but now with my TN I find that I can not sleep on my right side. This thing might offer some variation in sleeping.