I want to caution members of this forum that the advice given here is not professional. That would include any advice or solutions that worked for me as well. Becasue one may respond to your comments on a regular basis does not make that person "informed' or trained in health care practices.

I have read hints of self inflicted Accupuncture. Of course, no one can stop anyone from doing what they feel is best for them but it seems like good advice to simply to let the professionals do what they are trained to do. Having said that... I do not think anyone in this forum is a certicfied or board approved health professional. Trust me.. I am all about alternative health care and I have learned to shy away from the "main stream" medical profession.

Franky, I thought I was removed from this forum until I recieved an email message about a new posting. I happened to read through some of the postings and I was greatly bothered. Many comments, ideas, or suggestions have taken a spin that is out of control. Yes, this is my opinion.

Supporting one another is one thing. Helpful hints of diet and/or natural supplements that work for some of us are great ideas. But, the idea that one can self administer health care practices like accupuncture from reading a manual simply is not wise.

Finally, I would like to encourage all of you to keep searching for solutions. Someone here said that one solution may not be the answer for all. Of course not. Don't give up. I am confident that there are solutions.

Thank you for the thoughtful discussion, Randy. I hope you are well.