Can Neck Pain be part of TN2

Hello All:

I have often noticed that my TN pain is also combined with neck and shoulder pain (same side). On really bad days the pain just travels up the entire side of my face and causes a migraine headache. At times, the migraines are so bad that I start to lose vision (it gets cloudy I guess) and my eye starts to droop. It's hard to tell which comes first, the pain in my face or my neck.... it just all blends together.

I have TN2, which seems to be a result of dental surgery but I was also involved in a car accident just a few years before that and suffered whiplash that I have read can also cause TN.

Today has been a really bad day.....actually, I've had a really rough time with this lately and considered going to the ER last night because nothing is helping. I am on a long list of medications.

Thank you,


I think it can. I have arthritis and degenerative discs in my neck and back. Others with neck issues have TN. Hopefully others who experience neck issues and TN will respond to your question.

Thanks for the replies squid and Jasmine. I do have arthritis and have been told I have bulging discs and problems with the discs in my C3-C4. I imagine one just sets the other off.

Do you happen to have digestive issues too, such as acid reflux?

Actually I do, I have acid reflux - GERD and Barrett's Syndrome.

I have GERD too!