Big mistake found in chart

Today I went for my pre-op appointment. I asked the PA doing my appointment what procedures were being done. Due, to a transcription error, the wrong side was noted in my chart. The PA paged the neurosurgeon right away. This reminded me that the best advocate for me is, me.

My NS made sure to put his initials on my left side, confirming with me just prior to being wheeled into OR. My husband wrote with a sharpie on my right side " not this side" the morning of the surgery, which everyone found quite comical! LoL

OHSU does that, but that is some thing I did not want to deal with while stressed right before surgery. The problem has been corrected.

Hi saraeiderin...thanks for update..I'm glad they found the correct side of your face. lol...good advice from mimi..mark the correct spot on your face. It sounds as if you're doing well. I'm grateful that you responded. I haven't checked out the VA yet Because my meds work well, a number of people have suggested to forgo surgery. Don't want to take a chance of getting into deeper trouble

I visited Portland several years ago. I stayed downtown at Portland State University (?) I had a wonderful visit.The sun was out for a week and the riverside was packed with people activity.I hope to get up there again soon. We're neighbors; I live in San Francisco. Take care