Barometric Pressure changes

It seems anytime there are changes on the barometer, my flares fluctuate. Storms come in, I get flares. Cold fronts, Flares.. sometimes it seems I'm taking pain pills and sleeping more than I am awake. There are things I have found that help with the pain.. hot soup or coffee, putting a little infant tylenol on the inside of my cheek. That seems to help some. I have also noticed that migraine meds help.

Sometimes I wish I knew just how to get rid of the pain. This week I've had 3 flare days.. working on day 4. I wanna yell "Enough already!!" I've actually found a pain pill that works, but.. i do not want to take prescription pain meds unless it's absolutely impossible to deal with the pain.

I hate it when the pain is in my eye and forehead, in my ears and nose. I hate it when my gums burn and teeth feel like they are going to shatter right out of my head. I have had unexplainable blisters on my gums and around the nose. There has to be something one can do to stop the pain... really.

The weather in Central Europe has been crazy these past couple of weeks, a lot of my colleagues at work have suffered from headaches and I ... well, I've suffered from increased nerve pain. What helps me is a hot magnesium bath in the evening, drinking verbena tea throughout the day (according to folk medicine verbena helps with TN pain...I can't tell if it's true but I find drinking the tea calming), trying to laugh every day and getting acupuncture. I don't take any prescription meds for my ATN at this moment and I try to avoid taking OTC pain killers when I can, but I do take food supplements. My pain is constant these days, but on the better end of the pain scale. I hope that once the weather gets more stable and there is more sunshine my discomfort will improve. I don't know what else to do but to wait and try to take it easy (which is not easy)...

I think the barometer changes have something to do with the TN acting up.

I’ve been keeping a log. Barometric Pressure makes a Big difference.