ATLAS procedure

Hi, I am new to this site and very happy that there is support out there for people with TN. I just found out that after 10 months of dealing with a dental issue (from a root canal), that I have TN. This was a shock considering that the dentist just kept telling me that I was fine and the pain would eventually go away.

I am currently looking into treatment options and would like to know if anyone has tried the ATLAS approach? I am definitely against taking medicine, so I am looking at alternative methods. Other than the ATLAS method, has anyone tried Cold Laser Therapy?

I haven't tried the Altas chiropractic through UCC although my chiropractor did adjust my atlas. I didn't find that it helped but again it wasn't UCC which I understand is different. My chiropractor did use Cold Laser Therapy. Again, I didn't see any difference. TENs electric stimulation made my pain much worse though. I too am very opposed to medicines (I don't take any for my fibromyalgia) but the pain from this has been so bad that I have accepted trying medicines but haven't had much luck with any of them so far.

Thank you Kathy. I hope the medicine works for you. Thanks to your response, I am foregoing the cold laser therapy. Met with a UCC chiropractor regarding the Atlas adjustment and have another consultation with a UCC to see what he has to say. Then will see a neurologist. Want to be well informed. Not making a decision until I get as much information as possible. Reading the comments on this site is definitely helpful. Best of luck to you. Keep me posted on your trials.

Hi KathyO,

I agree with you about the meds, but living with the combined pain of SPMS + FMS, TN being a symptom or side effect of my primary conditions, has pushed me to trying try anything, icluding meds, that might get some relief The thing that helps me the most is Tegratol.

Feel good,