Anyone try post-op (Post-MVD) recovery diets or any special guided healing meditations?

2 for 1 night!

1) Any have recs for "guided meditations for healling" or others that have helped?

Ive been using the"BreathetoRelax" iphone app and that is helping me stay calm, but want to take it to the next level.

2) Also, anyone ever use a special post-surgery diet? or recommend any books such as this?

I'm hoping to have my MVD in the next few months and have already started on a good vitamin regimen that I read about for MS. I don't have MS but many of the vitamins help with nerves and I want my trigeminal nerve to have a head start for healing. I also eat a vegetarian diet and follow the DASH diet 8 servings of fruits/veggies and low-sodium. I'm hoping all of this, plus regular exercise will put me in a good position going into surgery. I'm sure it will still knock me off my socks no matter what - it is major surgery of course.

I'm interested to see what others have found useful both before going into surgery and speeding the recovery afterwards. This sounds like a great book. I will see if they have it at my library. I will also check out that app. Thanks for the tips, Albee!

I had a certified Reiki healer help me with her energy channeling -- I thought reiki was a massage so I signed up for a free session!

Twice she was able to give me 3 weeks of no pain - CRAZY!! I did it before MVD to calm my ass down - the stress was making TN worse!

I just looked at the TN book "Striking Back" by Dr. Ken Casey, and it has 4 references to this practice.

The only healing I did after MVD was lay in bed for 3 solid weeks and not move!

I am 2 weeks post surgery with no pain. I never thought to change my diet. I have improved my stress levels by laying around a not doing anything, no work for another couple of weeks. Also with the kids I’m trying to “choose my battles” and not sweat the little things, as I am a stress-head. I am still taking Lexapro to keep my anxiety levels low. I’ve always wondered if my reaction to stress caused my TN, because I know stress definitely triggered my attacks.

The most difficult thing for me post-MVD was nutrition. I had lost so much weight and was severly dehydrated before surgery because I couln't put anything in my mouth for weeks. After surgery, I just couldn't bring myself to eat because of nausea and little stomach capacity. It really hampered my recovery because I continued to be weak day after day. Finally I decided to take control of my nutrition and started by taking a slow release iron tablet each day. I felt better almost immediately.

Next I forced myself to eat plain crackers, broth and then soups (these aren't my favorites, but I felt better after eating them). I also began including a daily max strength multi-vitamin. I was amazed at how much better I felt. Once I could eat, I began having salads with chicken added for protein and fish (lots of different kinds). I could only eat small portions, but it seems that my body really cried out for protein and green veggies. I was not a healthy eater before my surgery because I always ate on the run (fast food). I've found that taking the time to make my own nutritious meals is worth it. I'm actually starting to enjoy eating again and am feeling much stronger and less dizzy.

I think being so sick made me reevaluate how I was treating myself. I had time to stop and think about changing my quality of life for the better. Hope you find what you need for wonderful, fast recovery.