What to have handy to ease post op mvd

I am having mvd surgery in a week and a half. I am trying to find out what to have in my house to ease the post-op process. There does not seem like there is a solid list out there. I have got a travel pillow, tons of ice packs, wipes, pillows, button down night shirts but that is it. Can any one make a list of items that helped the process. My boyfriend is an amazing care giver (he took care of me for months of iv’s and feeding tubes etc) but i dont want him running around for me unnecessarily. I know what to expect with the fatigue, balance issues etc. I just would love tips.
Thank you

I had surgery on September 8th so very recent. I really didn’t have a list of stuff as I guess I wasn’t as prepared as you are being. Good for you. I would suggest some type of notebook for med tracking since I had quite a few to take and the hospital was great for the three nights there but without someone besides myself tracking them at home by writing down abs distributing them I might have been in trouble. I did have extra pillows so that I could arrange myself in a comfortable position which wasn’t always easy without some extra fluff. Things to help your relax your mind whether that’s drawing puzzles whatever the case is. My mind felt better and more focused than it had in years less than a week out so silly me thought I needed to jump to using it and I think I over worked it. So don’t do that. Food wise I would also look for super healthy stock of food if possible for the first few weeks. thats all I can think of for now. Best of luck.

Thank you,
Great idea for a med check list. I know if I have problems now remembering that it will only get worse. I hope your MVD helped. I know it will be hard to relax when I have a good day. That is one thing I have consistently read. I am so excited about a possible new norm for me.

Four days after my last mvd i attended a pirates , padres baseball game. Had an iron city beer and a brat with sour kraut. No problems. Ias discharged from UPM thr day before and walked the four blocks back to family house where I was staying. Piece of cake!

I had my M.V.D. On August 26 th and I don’t think you can fully prepare because everyone is different. I was and am recovering a lot slower than others.
I would make sure to have jello, fruit, soups and other bland foods on hand because the painkillers may kill your appetite. Extra pillows are helpful and definitely having a helper distribute your meds. I used an app called pillboxie my dad set it up with the new meds from the hospital and an alarm goes off when they are due.
I hope all goes well with your surgery. :two_hearts: