So, had the MVD this past Thursday, and as for what I’ve been told, it was a success. It’s now Sunday night (3am) and I am at home. Other than a stiff neck and some sight soreness, there isn’t much to report. The hardest part about the whole ordeal now is trying to get comfortable, it seems that there is no way I can lay down that doesn’t suck :frowning: Will be attempting to remove the bandage and wash my hair tomorrow, we for see nothing but good things from here on out.

Best wishes for a speedy and pain free recovery.

So great to hear from you!
I know it’s hard to get comfy,the first 10 days for me was a struggle. I used lots of pillows and tried desperately to find a sweet spot…tilting my head up a little, pillow between my knees, and a pillow behind my back at times…
Hope your recovery is uneventful, rest, rest, rest!
Take care of you and check in again!
Mimi xx

So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Sarah

Excellent !! I wish you a long enjoyable life with NO PAIN or Meds.God Bless :)

For some reason, today hasn’t been a great day, seems like everything hurts. My left arm is bruised and hurts to move from all the iv’s. But we did get the bandage off and “kinda” washed my hair, lol. My husband has been great, don’t know what I’d do without him. I know things will go up from here, and I’m staying positive, and all of your positive comments and posts definitely help! Thanks everyone, you’re helping make a hard road a little easier to travel.