Anyone suffer with coeliac/celiac disease?

Hi, I hope I haven't posted this twice, but the site is playing silly buggers with my posts so my apologies if this is up twice.

It looks like my TN may have been caused by B12 deficiency - it is certainly related to it, as it has been a successful treatment for me when anti-convulsants have failed. As a part of my research to get to the bottom of this, I have been investigating coeliac disease (celiac in the US) and I just wondered if any of you have been diagnosed with coeliac disease, or have been suspected of suffering from it.

I know when I did a rough poll on gastric problems here a couple of months ago I was surprised by how many people suffered from them along with their TN. So I'm wondering, anyone actually been diagnosed with coeliac, or any other autoimmune disease that might have caused their TN????